Iași is located in the North-East of Romania and in crossed by Bahlui River (

The surrounding county is one of uplands and woods, featuring the monasteries of Bârnova, Bucium, Cetățuia, Frumoasa, Galata, Hlincea, and the dendrologic park of Repedea. It is a common belief that Iași is built on seven hills like Rome.With historical monuments and contemporary architecture, Iaşi is an outstanding educational center.

Pieces of architecture include the Trei Ierarhi Monastery (1637 -1639), part of the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Site, or the neo-Gothic Palace of Culture built on the old ruins of the mediaeval Princely Court of Moldavia (1906 – 1925). Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, is the oldest higher education institution in Romania. The present building (1897) is a mixture of the Neoclassical and Baroque styles and houses the famous Hall of the Echoing Footsteps where one can admire the works of the painter Sabin Bălașa.

Iasi is, above all, the city of academic education. It has 6 universities: Al. I. Cuza University, Gh. Asachi Technical University, I. Ionescu de la Brad University of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine, George Enescu University of Arts.